There proinsulin it is a protein produced by the pancreas, and is the precursor of insulin, a very important protein for the use of sugars in our body.

There proinsulin is the precursor of'insulin, has a molecular weight of 9000 Dalton, and is formed by a single chain consisting of the A and B chains connected by the C peptide. Proinsulin is produced by Langerhans Islands, that part of the pancreas rich in beta cells.

The dosage of the proinsulin it is mainly used for the diagnosis of insulinoma and rare forms of hyperglycemia.

Normal values of proinsulin

Normal values of proinsulin are 0.05-0.4 ng / ml, which is approximately 5-48% of plasma insulin.

Increase in proinsulin

High proinsulin can be found in some diseases, which are listed below:

  • Insulinoma and nesidioblastoma
  • Acromegaly
  • Obesity

Decrease in proinsulin

  • Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

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