LOW CREATININE symptoms and causes

There creatinine it is a protein that represents the waste product resulting from the normal breakdown of muscle tissue. Creatinine is filtered through i kidneys and excreted in the urine. The feedback from low creatinine in the blood it often indicates reduced muscle mass. A low creatinine therefore must be investigated to understand if there are underlying chronic diseases.

Low creatinine

There creatinine is a substance present in the blood, which derives from the degradation of creatine, a protein that is stored in muscle tissue and which, once phosphorylated a phosphocreatine, represents the energy reserves of muscles.

Low creatinine values

Low blood creatinine values are considered:

Creatinine below a 0.6 mg / dl (milligrams per deciliter) oa 53 µmol / l (micromoles per liter) in men

Creatinine below a 0.5 mg / dl (milligrams per deciliter) oa 44 µmol / l (micromoles per liter) in women

Creatinine below a 0.7 mg / dl (milligrams per deciliter) oa 62 µmol / l (micromoles per liter) in children

The measurement of creatinine it is very useful in medicine, as creatinine levels in the blood are used as an index of kidney function. The ability of the kidneys to eliminate creatinine is called creatinine clearance, and it's a data which can be measured directly or, more often, calculated using special formulas, and which helps to estimate the glomerular filtration rate (GFR, or Glomerular Filtration Rate) that is, the rate at which the filtrate of the kidneys is formed, an indicator of kidney function.

Normally all of our body's blood is pumped through kidneys and then comes filtered hundreds of times a day. In the kidneys, the liquid part of the blood (plasma) is conveyed through small arteries that act as tiny filters (called nephrons), which reabsorb most of the liquid that passes through them. The liquid and waste that the kidneys on the other hand do not reabsorb, and therefore do not come back into circulation, they are excreted (eliminated) in the form of urine.

Reduced creatinine.

Decreased creatinine can be the result of chronic illness.

As mentioned previously, the percentage of blood that passes through the kidneys and is filtered is called the glomerular filtration rate or GFR. The organs responsible for filtering blood in the kidneys are the glomeruli, that is, microscopic bundles of blood vessels inside the nephrons and constitute the fundamental part of the filtering system. The glomerular filtration rate normally cannot be measured directly, but is derived from the patient's creatinine values, age and sex using formulas such as that of Cockcroft-Gault, the Modification of Diet in Renal Disease (MDRD), and the Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemiology Collaboration (CKD-EPI).

What are creatinine and creatinine clearance? Creatinine is a waste product that is continuously produced during normal muscle breakdown. The kidneys filter creatinine from the blood and convey it into the urine, reabsorbing almost nothing.

The amount of blood that the kidneys can clear of creatinine every minute is called the creatinine clearance.

Creatinine clearance in a young person in good health is about 120 milliliters per minute (120 ml / min). This means that 120 ml of blood are purified of creatinine every minute.

Generally, creatinine clearance is a good estimate of the glomerular filtration rate.

Obviously, if kidney function worsens, the kidneys are able to cleanse less creatinine, so we'll have high creatinine in the blood, e decreased creatinine clearance, that is reduction of glomerular filtration rate.

In other cases, much more rarely, one can be found in blood tests low creatinine, which is often associated with the finding of low urea. Below we will report causes and symptoms of low creatinine.

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Low creatinine causes

What does it mean to have low creatinine in the blood? Since creatinine is a waste product of the proteins of our muscles, the significance of the finding of low creatinine in the first case it could be a reduction in muscle mass.

Below is a list of major causes of low creatinine in adults and / or children.

  • Reduction / loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia). This can be related to specific diseases, such as muscular dystrophy or other neurological diseases, but it can also be related to aging),
  • Hemodilution during pregnancy: during pregnancy, the percentage of total body water changes, leading to a different concentration of blood proteins and a modification of creatinine levels in the blood. This is why the response of low creatinine in pregnancy.
  • Cirrhosis of the liver: during a chronic liver disease there is a decrease in protein production and a simultaneous loss of muscle mass
  • Infections
  • Neoplasms: tumors are often characterized by marked weight loss (cachexia) due to reduced appetite, frequent nausea and increased metabolic activity of cancer cells
  • Heart failure: the anasarcatic state (i.e. the presence of a large amount of liquid that impregnates the body tissues, especially the subcutis) in the course of heart failure can lead to the dilution of substances present in the plasma, leading to the finding of low creatinine
  • SIADH: fluid retention linked to a syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH).
  • Low protein diet (low protein diet).

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Low creatinine symptoms

Low creatinine is not linked to specific symptoms: certainly, the presence of weight loss with loss of muscle mass can be associated with:

  • asthenia (fatigue)
  • hyporexia (loss of appetite) or anorexia (complete lack of appetite)
  • enticement (inability to move and need to lie down all day)
  • in other cases a low creatinine it does not bring any symptoms particular.

There are no specific remedies or treatments to be implemented if a low creatinine value is found, in the sense that the cause of this alteration must first be understood. Alcohol intake will therefore be suspended and liver function investigated, in addition to performing routine tests to highlight any abnormalities (usually therefore blood count, urea, sodium, potassium, calcium, AST, ALT, GGT, ALP, urinalysis, total protein protein electrophoresis, globulins and albumin assay).

What you need to make the withdrawal

Is special preparation necessary to perform the creatinine measurement?

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To take the exam it is not necessary to be fasting. It's better do not make major physical efforts in the 2-3 days before the test as these may raise blood creatinine levels.

In case of chronic medical therapy, it is advisable to inform the doctor of all the medications that are normally taken, in order to identify any active ingredients that can cause a reduction in creatininemia.

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  1. Valerio 2 years ago

    Hi Doctor, I am a 38 year old man and I enjoy excellent health. I got the blood and urine tests done by the work doctor. I got a very normal value of creatinine in the blood 0.88mg / dl, and instead a low value of creatine in the urine 10mg / L accompanied by an equally low value of the urine specific gravity 1006.
    All other values of the analysis are perfectly normal.

    • Author
      Testlevels 2 years ago

      Nothing to worry about, please show the results to your doctor anyway. Best regards

  2. Giovanna 2 years ago

    Good evening, my nephew is 11 years old. The latest tests showed low creatinine, 0.56 and neutrophil granulocytes 39.7. Is it the case for further examinations and / or other exams? What could this be due to? Thanks for your kind reply.

    • Author
      Testlevels 2 years ago

      Good evening, the answer to your question can only be reliable if given after a medical examination and a thorough medical history. In any case, what you list are minor alterations. Let your doctor see everything, best regards

  3. Carmela Tarantini 3 years ago

    Good evening doctor, I have normal creatinine but low clearance, normal values for women range from 85 and I am 75. Should I worry? I am taking antiepileptics and drugs for depression (cipralex) and sedatives (lexotan 12 drops morning and 10 evening) following the atypical meningioma and its recurrence, I had an operation two years ago and now most likely again. Thank you and greetings.

    • Author
      Testlevels 3 years ago

      Good evening, don't worry the creatinine clearance of 75 is perfectly normal.

  4. Daisy 3 years ago

    Good morning doctor, my son is 12 years old and has asymptomatic persistent fever never above 38 (8 days starting Zimox on the sixth day, after 72 hours of febrile treatment ... so for 3 days and now the fever has reappeared as before despite under antibiotic coverage) Exam done: Neutrophilia (neutrophil granulocytes = 11.90) at CRP = 4.99 mg / dl, creatininemia = 0.64. - Urine: Albumin = 15 mg / dl, ketone bodies = 10, red blood cells = 36. What do you think?

  5. Sabrina 3 years ago

    Hi doctor my name is Sabrina I am 23 years old I am 1,43 tall weight 60 kg .. I am writing it because I have withdrawn the analyzes and it is written monocytes at 0,86
    Creatinine at 0.59
    Hematocrit 39.5
    Neutrophils% 47.6
    The ones I listed all had an asterisk .. I wanted to know why they came out like this and if I have to worry

    • Author
      Testlevels 3 years ago

      In general, the tests are not very altered, why did you do the blood tests?

      • Sabrina 3 years ago

        I donated and they sent me the answers as you see them?

        • Author
          Testlevels 3 years ago

          As far as it is possible to tell without a physical examination, nothing to worry about. Anyway, let your doctor see everything

  6. Gianluca 4 years ago

    Hi doctor good evening I have a 4-year-old child has little appetite and constipation problems, I withdrew the analysis and the creatinine is 0.48 ferritin 24 sideremia 48 hemocrit 34.9 what do you think

  7. Manuela 4 years ago

    Hello Doctor,
    i am 37 years old and underwent thyroidectomy in 2010 for papillary carcinoma ... later i was treated with radioiodine I131, i had 3 treatments, last in 2013, but since then i have had a big change in my body.
    Pain so strong that I stayed in bed for over 15 days without being able to get up, toothache, amenorrhea (and at present I have not had my period for over a year and a half), fatigue, asthenia, I lost my sight from the right eye a few days after the last radio and for another 5/6 subsequent vv (not cadential) but the PS and eye examinations did not detect anything ...
    Since 2013, my life has become that of a woman over 60 years old… working is a great effort, due to the difficulties I have in the morning as soon as I wake up, with muscle aches that then remain throughout the day… and are more or less constant daily.
    I did the latest tests, requested by a rheumatologist (because I am little listened to by my doctor and endocrinologist who keep telling me that I should go to a psychologist ... but I consider all this an insult because I know that they are not psychological problems, at least yet, even if this situation that has been present for almost 5 years is destroying and demoralizing me!).
    However, my willingness to make a rheumatological visit has opened up a new knowledge for me (hypothesis of the specialist) of fibromyalgia, it has marked me of the checks to be done besides analysis (which I will indicate a little below) also MRI with MDC, echocardiocolordoppler.
    The analyzes are:
    C4 0.41 (0.1-0.4)
    C3c 1.00 (0.9-1.8)
    Albumin 5.50 (3.5-5)
    ANA fails
    ENA failed
    Anti Cardiolipin IgG 24.00 (0-20)
    Anti Cardiolipin IgM 3.50 (0-20)
    Beta2 Glycoprotein 1 IgG 5.80 (0-20)
    Beta2 Glycoprotein 1 IgM 2.00 (0-20)
    anti Ds DNA double stranded 10.80 (0-25)
    Creatinine 0.67 (0.7-1.2)
    RBC red blood cells 5.26 (4-5)
    hemoglobin 12.80 (12-16)
    hematocrit 41.10 (35-48)
    MCV 78.10 (80-99)
    MCH 24.30 (26-31)
    MCHC 31.10 (38-48)
    RDW-SD 38.30 (38-48)
    RDW-CV 13.50 (11-15)
    platelets 208.00 (150-450)
    PDW 13.30 (9-17)
    MPV 11.00 (7-11)
    P-LCR 32.50 (15-40)
    PCT 0.23 (0.19-0.38)
    WBC-WHITE GLOBULES 7.79 (4-10)
    NEUT% 64.90 (40-74)
    LIMPH% 26.20 (20-48)
    MONO% 6.50 (3-11)
    EO% 2.10 (0-8)
    BASO% 0.30 (0-1.5)
    NEUT# 5.06 (2-8)
    LIMPH# 2.04 (1-5)
    MONO# 0.51 (0.16-1)
    EO# 0.16 (0-0.8)
    BASO# 0.02 (0-0.2)
    ALFA1 4.30 (1.4-5.1)
    ALFA2 10.60 (7-13.9)
    BETA1 5.40 (6-12.5)
    BETA2 4.90 (4-8)
    RANGE 15.40 (12-22.5)
    I am waiting to collect the MRI with MDC and will still have to undergo echocardiocolordoppler.
    In addition, since the last radio in 2013 (until then I weighed 54 kg for 1.65 h) I am immediately inflated (from one day to the next I was visibly swollen in the face) and in a short time my body underwent a weight gain , at the moment I am 72 Kg… and I cannot lose weight, I cannot play sports, I travel for work and when I return I cannot because of too much fatigue for the moment.
    I await a medical opinion, since I have little listening from doctors, perhaps because I immediately analyzed what my body was communicating to me ... knowing the importance of the symptoms to trace a cause and for my coldness in listing every symptomatology, I am not taken very seriously, but now I am very demoralized and tired.
    I now feel in a body no longer mine, I was a mentally active person with a lot of positivity, now I am anything but even if I always hope to find a very professionally trained doctor but above all SENSITIVE and with the ability to listen!
    Thank you and good day

  8. R.affaella Rotunno 4 years ago

    from blood tests creatinine is 0.47. Is it worrying? How to fix it? I'm 1.70 tall and weigh 59 kg. , I'm 76 years old. Cholesterol 169 and blood sugar 87, blood pressure 70/120.
    Thank you

    • Testlevels 4 years ago

      No worries, it is a normal value. Best regards

  9. Olga 4 years ago

    I am a 62 year old lady I suffer from penfigo I take 4mg cortisone per week blood result: 0.49 serum creatinine, gamma gt 57, granuloc. neutrophils 33.5, lymphocytes 55.1 neutroph count Abs. 1.37; these are the reports with asterisks I have to worry about.

    • Testlevels 4 years ago

      No, don't worry, but show the examinations to the attending physician who will be able to interpret them also in the light of your previous checks. Best regards

  10. angel 4 years ago

    Hello doctor
    .B-Complete blood count
    White blood cells 6.20 x10 ^ 3 / μL 4.00 - 10.00
    Red blood cells 5.38 x10 ^ 6 / μL 4.00 - 6.00
    Hemoglobin (Hb) 14.8 g / dL 13.0 - 17.4
    Hematocrit (Hct) 46.1 % 35.0 - 52.0
    MCV 86.0 fL 80.0 - 94.0
    MCH 27.5 pg 27.0 - 32.0
    MCHC 32.1 g / dL 32.0 - 36.0
    RDW 16.2 Ý % 11.5 - 14.5
    Platelets 279 x10 ^ 3 / μL 130 - 400
    MPV 8.6 fL 6.0 - 12.0
    % Neutrophils 48.7 % 28.0 - 75.0
    % Lymphocytes 42.6 % 20.0 - 45.0
    %Monocytes 5.6 % 2.5 - 13.0
    %Eosinophils 3.1 % 0.0 - 7.0
    %Basofili 0.0 % 0.0 – 1.5
    # Neutrophils 3.0 x10 ^ 3 / μL 1.1 - 7.5
    # Lymphocytes 2.6 x10 ^ 3 / μL 0.7 - 4.5
    #Monocytes 0.3 x10 ^ 3 / μL 0.2 - 1.3
    #Eosinophils 0.2 x10 ^ 3 / μL 0.0 - 0.7
    # Basophiles 0.0 x10 ^ 3 / μL 0.0 - 0.2

    S-Creatinine 0.75 ß mg / dL 0.90 - 1.30
    [0] S-Sodium 144 mmol / L 136 - 145
    [0] S-Potassium 6.00 Ý mmol / L 3.50 - 5.10
    these are my exams of December 6, 2017.
    I, a little over a year ago, at 43, I had a heart attack with the application of a stant. can you tell me if these values of creatinine and potassium are too high?

    • Testlevels 4 years ago

      Hi, creatinine is normal, potassium is too high and needs to be treated. Immediately show the tests to your doctor who will be able to advise you on the most appropriate measures. Best regards

  11. Sunday 4 years ago

    Hi doctor I'm 21 years old, weight 53kg, I have 0.4 creatinine the minimum and 0.5 I have to worry

    • Testlevels 4 years ago

      No you don't have to worry. The important thing is to have an adequate weight for age and height. Ask your doctor for advice, best regards

  12. Sara 4 years ago

    hi doctor, my 4 year old son in February, weight 17.5 kg we did the tests because the child pees several times. creatinine: 0.50 glucose 65 values are below normal.
    It doesn't seem like anything serious right?

    • Testlevels 4 years ago

      Hi, the presence of urinary infections and diabetes mellitus is however to be excluded. Show the tests to the attending physician who will advise you on the most appropriate tests. Best regards

  13. John 4 years ago

    Hi Doctor I have a creatinine value of 0'69 as a result and the reference is 0.70-1.30 I was wondering if it could also be due to the fact that I practice competitive activity (Running, 42km marathons) all other results are normal , actually I'm a little underweight but I eat regularly maybe a little less protein I'm 59 years old and I weigh 56kg Thanks for your attention

    • Testlevels 4 years ago

      Hi, the values of the laboratory are indicative and a person of low weight like you a 0.69 mg / dl can be more than normal. Best regards and congratulations for your running activity

  14. Giuseppe Macri 4 years ago

    Hello, I am an AVIS donor, every three months I give blood. I found the following values: total cholesterol 192 HDL 39 creatinine 1.20 proteins 8.1 and alas glucose 192 (I love sweets)… do I have to worry?
    Pino 59 years old

    • Testlevels 4 years ago

      Hi, creatinine values are slightly higher than normal, while blood sugar, if fasting, is indicative of diabetes. Show the tests to your doctor who will refer you to the most appropriate specialist.

  15. Mirko 4 years ago

    Hello doctor good morning,
    I withdrew the tests this morning, and I found the creatinine value 0.55 with reference values 0.7 / 1.3 ...

    do you think I have to worry ??

    I am disabled (paraplegic) aged 31

    • Testlevels 4 years ago

      No worries, it can be related to not very developed muscle masses. Best regards

  16. Saturday 4 years ago

    Good morning doctor, thank you. I would like to point out that the total protein value is 7.2 with a reference value between 6.4 / 8.3
    I also remind you that the cholesterol value is 192 with a reference value between 0 - 200
    Thank you in advance. Greetings

    • Testlevels 4 years ago

      Hi, these are normal values. Best regards

  17. Saturday 4 years ago

    Hi doctor, I'm a 34 year old man, weight 73/75 kg. This morning I withdrew the findings of the plasma donation performed on January 4, 2017.
    The creatinine value is 0.6 with a reference value between 0.72-1.25.
    I PROMISE that I am a vegetarian. I await your reply.

    • Testlevels 4 years ago

      Urea is fine, make sure you are getting adequate protein in your diet. Best regards

  18. Saturday 4 years ago

    Hi Doctor, I am a 34 year old adult and I weigh approximately 73/75 kg. this morning I withdrew the findings of the plasma donation made on January 4th and the creatine value is 0,6 on a reference value of 0, 72 - 1, 25. Please note that I am a vegetarian. I await your reply. Greetings

  19. ric 5 years ago

    Hi Doctor I have withdrawn the tests and I find Creatinine o, 57 (reference value 0.80-1.30) Got 11.00 (reference value 15-37) Gpt 15 (reference value 30-65) Ves 2 (value reference 4-12) vitamin D 11.4 (reference values 30-100) all low values? because?

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      Hi, low creatinine is not a concern if you are otherwise in good health. Hypovitaminosis D must be corrected. In any case, refer to the attending physician. Best regards.

  20. Marianna 5 years ago

    I am 35 years old I am a woman I am married I did the blood test came out the creatinemia 0.58 as a result instead the reference value had to be
    0-6-1.30 I still have to go to the doctor I'm worried and something ????

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      Hi, absolutely no worries. This is most likely nothing serious. However, notify your doctor of the results of the tests. Best regards.

      • lucy 4 years ago

        Hi I have withdrawn today the results of my tests the creatinine values are 0.6 as the reference range should have been 0.50-0.90 I don't understand much but isn't it too low? Thanks

        • Testlevels 4 years ago

          Hi, it's perfect. Best regards

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