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Orthopantomography What is orthopantomography - OPT For orthopantomography or orthopanoramic, or OPT, we mean a particular type of radiography,
Thyroid Ultrasound: Definition Thyroid and parathyroid ultrasound is also identified as ultrasound of the neck and lymph nodes. In both
Abdominal ultrasound The abdominal ultrasound or echo abdomen, less commonly called ultrasonography or ultrasound of the abdomen, is a first level examination
What is simple and global spirometry? Spirometry is a fundamental investigation technique in the field of pulmonology, used
Scintigraphy Scintigraphy is a nuclear medicine investigation, and is based on the injection of radiopharmaceuticals and the subsequent reconstruction of
PET - Positron Emission Tomography What is PET PET (Positron Emission Tomography) is a technique of
MRI or MRI What is MRI? Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), also called nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI), is an advanced imaging method,
Ultrasound Ultrasound, also called ultrasound or ultrasound, is considered a first-level examination, as it is cheap, widely available and not
CT or CT: Computed Axial Tomography What does CT mean? The acronym TC means Computed Tomography, the acronym TAC (Computed Axial Tomography) also
Coronary angiography (CNG) is a test used to study the coronary arteries, that is, the arteries that feed blood

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