Esamievalori.com (hereinafter referred to as the Site) contains articles on medical topics: even if the articles are published after scrupulous checks of the sources, carefully selected and updated and official as far as reasonably possible, it is not possible to exclude any partiality in the information, mistakes or forgetfulness. Furthermore, even information absolutely correct from a general point of view may not refer to the symptoms manifested by the reader. Again, different people who present the same symptoms very often need different treatments, due to the complexity of some clinical cases.

The information provided on the Site is therefore purely for information and disclosure purposes, and therefore cannot in any case replace the advice of a doctor (or a person legally authorized to practice), or, in specific cases, of other health professionals (dentists, nurses , psychologists, pharmacists, veterinarians, physiotherapists, etc.).

None of the individual contributors, system operators, developers or other parties connected to the Site can be held responsible for the results or consequences of any use or attempted use of any of the information published.

Any contribution, report or integration that can make the site more accurate and updated is welcome.


All the contents on this site, unless otherwise specified, are the property of the Site and are protected by copyright law; therefore they cannot be published, rewritten, distributed or marketed without the prior authorization of the manager.
In compliance with the law, it is ALLOWED to quote parts of the site, or portions of articles and insights, provided the source and author are clearly indicated.
The Site is not responsible in relation to the contents of the hypertext links to other websites connected to the site, as they are totally unrelated to any form of control by the manager. Therefore, the risks associated with the use of these sites will be fully borne by the user.

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The Site is financed by advertising revenues and thanks to this we can also offer you free information.

To publish advertisements on our Site (also in the form of banners) we use third-party advertising companies, such as advertising dealers or agreements with advertising networks.

The appearance of specific advertisements is the result of intermediaries entrusted to external companies and in general, there is no direct link of an economic nature between the company that takes care of the contents of the Site and the companies that own the products and services advertised in the banners. This also guarantees the independence and neutrality of the information that is published with the aim of providing the best possible information without favoring or harming the specific interests of any company.

Misleading advertisements may also appear within advertising messages; an example could be: "lose 10 kg in a month" or "the 5 foods not to eat to lose weight". We would like to point out that the appearance of these announcements does not depend on our will.

The Publisher and the Site staff are in no way responsible or involved in the choice of advertisements published. That said, the Site and its authors do not create, manage directly and / or indirectly nor supervise and / or control in any way the content of the advertising banners disseminated on the Site; therefore they are also not responsible for the content of advertisements published on the Site, nor for any damage to persons or property deriving from these.

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