The antibodies anti thyroperoxidase thyroid (anti TPO antibodies or ab TPO) are gods autoantibodies, that is, antibodies directed against our organism, in this case against the enzyme thyroperoxidase or thyroid peroxidase.

Anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies

The antibodies to thyroperoxidase, also called anti thyroid peroxidase antibodies, ab anti thyroid peroxidase, anti tpo, or abtpo, they target thyroid peroxidase (thyroid peroxidase), which is the key enzyme for the production of thyroid hormones (T4 or thyroxine and T3 or triiodothyronine) starting from thyroglobulin.

They are called autoantibodies, as they attack structures in our own body.

There thyroid peroxidase, or thyroid peroxidase, it is an enzyme that promotes the iodination of tyrosine to form monoiodotyrosine (MIT) and diiodiotyrosine (DIT), which join together to give rise to thyroid hormones.

Antibodies to thyroperoxidase, together with antibodies to thyroglobulin and TSH receptor antibodies, constitute the so-called thyroid antibodies, also called anti thyroid antibodies.

Autoantibodies to thyroperoxidase are very common in autoimmune diseases of the thyroid, in particular the Hashimoto's thyroiditis it is characterized by the positivity of antibodies to thyroperoxidase in more than 90% of the affected persons.

Another autoimmune disease, the Graves' disease is characterized by  ab tpo positive in the 80% of cases it should also be said that antibodies to thyroperoxidase can be found in a small percentage of people with autoimmune diseases affecting organs other than the thyroid. In addition, about one in 10 healthy people have positive anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies even in the absence of thyroid disease.

Finally, it can happen that these autoantibodies are measurable in the blood only after a certain period of time from the onset of the disease: in other words, a first check of antibodies to thyroperoxidase it can also be negative in the presence of autoimmune thyroiditis; in these cases, if the clinical suspicion is strong, this test must be repeated after a certain period of time to re-establish the positivity or confirm the negativity of the anti tpo autoantibodies.

The blood concentration of the antibodies to thyroid peroxidase the greater the likelihood of an autoimmune pathology affecting the thyroid gland, it is greater: there is therefore a certain relationship between the autoimmune activity responsible for the thyroid inflammatory process and the concentration of anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies.

High thyroid peroxidase autoantibodies

Here are the causes of positivity of antibodies to thyroperoxidase, listed in order of frequency:

  • Hashimoto's thyroiditis: also called lymphocytic thyroiditis or chronic autoimmune thyroiditis is a fairly common disease. It is probably the most frequent cause of hypothyroidism in adults. In the initial phase of Hashimoto's thyroiditis, thyroid function may still be normal, while in the later stages subclinical hypothyroidism usually develops initially and then overt hypothyroidism, with high TSH and low fT4. The diagnosis is obviously based on the clinic and on the finding of the presence of high antithyroglobulin and antiperoxidase antibodies in the circulation. The antibodies to thyroglobulin they tend to be taller in the early stages of the disease, and then drop in distance, while the antibodies to thyroid peroxidase they usually remain high for many years after diagnosis.
  • Graves Basedow's disease: it is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism, often accompanied by goiter, ophthalmopathy (the typical "protruding eye") and rarely by dermopathy (myxedema at the pretibial level). Hyperplasia and overactivity of the thyroid are caused by circulating antibodies whose specific antigen is represented by the TSH receptor present on the surface of thyroid cells (thyrocytes). Anti TSH antibodies (anti TSH-R or TSH-R Ab) stimulate the thyroid to produce thyroid hormones in an exaggerated way. In this pathology, in addition to anti TSH antibodies, antibodies to thyroid peroxidase are found in over 3/4 of patients.
  • Granulomatous thyroiditis: or De Quervain's thyroiditis, is a sub-acute inflammation of the thyroid gland, generally triggered by a viral infection, which leads to the development of a transient hyperthyroidism which then results in hypothyroidism. Clinically, the disease manifests itself with myalgia (muscle pain), pharyngitis, low fever and asthenia (fatigue). Later, if the fever persists, pain and swelling (swelling) in the neck may appear. In a modest percentage of cases there are antibodies to thyroglobulin e positive anti thyroid peroxidase.
  • Sporadic thyroid goiter: it is the type of goiter that does not depend on environmental causes such as iodine deficiency (it is therefore not "endemic") but is caused by other factors such as thyroid pathologies or thyroid neoplasms.
  • Rheumatological diseases: such as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), Sjogren's syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Immuno-haematological diseases: such as autoimmune hemolytic anemia, myasthenia gravis, pernicious anemia, and type 1 diabetes mellitus.
  • Neoplasms: such as colon cancer or thyroid cancer.
  • Pregnancy

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  1. Life 2 years ago

    Withdrawal Tests for thyroid function.
    FT3 3.13 (2.0-4.40);
    FT4 1.57 (0.93-1.70);
    TSH 3.470 (0.270-4.20);
    AATyroid 213.5 (0-115);
    What happen? Do I need to worry?

    • Author
      Testlevels 2 years ago

      No, don't worry, there are no significant alterations, always taking into account the reason why they were requested. Best regards

      • Life 2 years ago

        Thanks. They were prescribed by a cardiologist.

  2. Assunta 3 years ago

    hi, I would like to know why it is important to carry out ANTI-TPO antibodies as a blood test to people who have completely removed the thyroid gland due to papillary thyroid carcinoma? and ft4, negative tg and negative antitg) after about five years from the operation, and only the non-negative anti-tpo but cmq in the range indicated by the laboratory values, what could this suddenly positive value be indicative of?

    • Author
      Testlevels 3 years ago

      The important antibodies to be evaluated are anti-thyroglobulin, whose positivity after thyroid removal requires a closer follow-up for an increased risk of residual or metastatic disease

  3. Inzillo Giorgio 3 years ago

    Hello I withdrew the tests and I found the value of the antibodies to TPO CLIA method of 613. What does this mean? Thanks

    • Author
      Testlevels 3 years ago

      Hi, such an isolated value with thyroid function and TSH in the norm does not mean anything particular, at least a predisposition for the development of thyroid self-immunity

  4. DIANA 3 years ago

    Good morning,
    I have just withdrawn the analysis and I am worried about the value of: antioxidase antibodies / thyroid antimicrosomes equal to 1.063.5 against the normal value <60. The other Thyroid values are normal.
    Do I have to worry?

    • Author
      Testlevels 3 years ago

      Hi, don't worry, you probably have a predisposition to thyroid autoimmunity that may lead you, perhaps, one day to develop hypothyroidism, but it will be enough to check your thyroid function periodically to keep this aspect under control. Show the tests to the doctor who will prescribe the appropriate checks.

      • Diana 3 years ago

        thanks a lot

  5. Luigi 3 years ago

    Hi I did tests for thyroid function. These are the results:
    TSH 1.279 (0.28-4.47)
    FT3 3.70 (2.04-4.4)
    FT4 1.50 (0.81-1.50)
    ABTPO 3.2 (<7)
    Thyroglobulin antibodies 159.5 (<55.4)
    Do I have to worry about this & #039; last altered value? What does it denote?
    Thanks in advance for your reply

    • Author
      Testlevels 3 years ago

      Hi, don't worry, what matters is normal thyroid function. However, please show the tests to your doctor. Best regards

  6. Savior 3 years ago

    Hi, my thyroid was removed 30 days ago due to papillary carcinoma, I performed the tests and these results are the results. do I have to worry about Thyroglobulin 0.07 ng / mL (range 1.59-50.00) ??
    Anti TPO. Anti-thyroid peroxidase 0 antibodies (range 0 -9)
    THS-> 50.20 (0.30 -4.20)
    Soccer 9.4 (8.4-10.5)

    0.07 is high ?? should it be 0?

    • Author
      Testlevels 3 years ago

      This is not high but thyroglobulin should usually be suppressed after a thyroidectomy. Show the tests to the endocrinologist and the oncologist who follow you, they will advise you what to do.

  7. Ricky 3 years ago

    Good morning,
    thanking you in advance for your opinion, I wanted to ask you for clarification regarding these results.

    ANTI RECEPTORS TSH 0.33 (<0.55)
    T3 4.2 (FROM 2 TO 4.3)
    T4 13.75 (7.6 TO 17.9)
    TSH 0.01 (0.55 A 4.7) ***

    I have a thyroid ultrasound soon, obviously, but having to wait a week I wanted some opinion on what I might have.
    VES complete blood count PCR tests were also performed.

    Thank you very much for your reply!

    • Author
      Testlevels 3 years ago

      Subclinical hypothyroidism on an autoimmune basis, that is, the thyroid gland works well but there are autoantibodies that could "fatigue it" in the long run. Useful endocrinological examination and control of thyroid hormones in a few weeks

  8. Elisa 4 years ago

    Hello, I'm 25 years old and I discovered celiac disease by chance two months ago. In the initial diet tests I have these TSH values: 6.1 (0.2-4.5), FT4 (free thyroxine) 15.6 (12-22), anti thyroglobulin 636 (<115), anti peroxidase 502 (<34), anti TSH receptor < 1 (ok if <1.75). Also considering my anxious state from having discovered celiac disease, the attending physician advised me to wait 6 months on a gluten-free diet, put the villi back in order and then do the tsh tests again, and then eventually go to the endocrinologist and start hormone replacement therapy. Perfect blood count, low ferritin (8 in a range between 8 and 140) and vitamin D (21 out of a range of 20). Agree?

    • Author
      Testlevels 4 years ago

      Hi, it would be advisable not to wait 6 months before re-checking TSH and thyroid hormones, but to do it in 30-45 days. Best regards

  9. Carmelo 4 years ago

    Good evening I did the thyroid tests
    Tsh 2.65
    Ft3 4.17
    Ft4 1.53
    Antiperoxidase> 600
    Antithyroglobulin 1013
    Thyroglobulin 1.5
    What do those high values mean? And what should I do? Thanks

  10. Mina 4 years ago

    Hello, I have just withdrawn the tsh analyzes, Ft3 ft4 are normal .. what worries me are the antiperosidases which are 379 .. (reference values 0, 35) and thyroglubin 0 <7 (reference values ..3,5 … 77, 0) thank you

    • Testlevels 4 years ago

      Hi, don't worry, thyroid function will probably need to be re-checked later, as a high level of thyroid peroxidase antibodies could show a predisposition to thyroid autoimmunity. Show the tests to your doctor who will be able to advise you on the most appropriate tests. Best regards

  11. Rosalba Martino 4 years ago

    Hello, in two weeks I have to pay a visit to the endocrinologist, I have some tests in hand: Thyroperoxidase 68 <34, Thyroglobulin 4000 <115 can you explain me? Thanks

    • Testlevels 4 years ago

      Hi, you may have an autoimmune thyroid disease, without the TSH and thyroid hormone values it is difficult to understand more. Best regards

  12. Francis 4 years ago

    Hi, I have these values:
    Normal blood count, only hemoglobin 17.6 g / dl
    Total bilirubin H 3.9

    Ft3 4.17
    Ft4 0.92
    TSH 3generaz 2.03
    Antithyroglobulin 20
    Anti thyroid peroxidase 85 IU / ml (high value)

    I wanted to know if there is any interference with high bilirubin or anything… I'm worried about the thyroid. Thanks for the answer

  13. MASSIMINA Trudu 5 years ago


  14. Alessia 5 years ago

    Good morning I did the ultrasound, as I have difficulty in losing weight, to the thyroid and I was told that there were some dysfunctions and to do the analyzes. I called my doctor like this and had the analysis of the anti thyroid bodies recorded but he only scored two of these: abTPO 19.71 and the normal values are from 1 to 16; and abTG 6.35 and the normal values are from 5 to 100 .. do you think the values are normal? Do I need to do other tests on the other two antibodies?

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      These are insignificant values. How are TSH and thyroid hormones? Always refer to your doctor. Best regards.

  15. Moon yueying 5 years ago

    Good morning ! My blood test: T3 5.35 T411.50 TSH 1.27. Anti-Peroxidase 1269.48 u / ml. Anti-Thyroglobulin 57.98 IU / mL

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      Hi, I guess the thyroid hormone values are reported in pmol / l, and therefore normal. TSH is normal. The alteration of the anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies indicates an autoimmune predisposition, free TSH, thyroxine and triiodothyronine will have to be re-checked over time to highlight any future alterations. In any case, always refer to your doctor who will indicate the most appropriate procedure. Best regards

  16. Maximum 5 years ago

    Good morning,

    My daughter is followed up for a thyroid nodule (autoimmune thyroiditis, eutirox 75mg, 26 years old). These are the data of the latest analyzes. How do you see it? I would be immensely grateful for your response.
    TSH 2.6
    anti TPO 745.8
    anti TG <4.0

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      Hi, TSH is normal, if you have a recognized autoimmune thyroiditis it is normal to find altered antibodies to thyroperoxidase. Always refer to the attending physician, best regards.

  17. Walter 5 years ago

    Exam and values
    Good morning, I'm a 60-year-old, I have 6 heart attacks with a previous heart attack, I have never performed thyroid tests, I list the results:
    TSH 1.610
    FT3 3.5
    FT4 1.51

    PEROSS ANTIBODIES. THYROID 203.90 and is reported as high.

    Does the thyroid gland have problems?

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      The presence of high thyroid peroxidase antibodies does not necessarily imply damage to the thyroid gland. In his case, the thyroid function is normal. Always refer to your doctor and periodically check thyroid stimulating hormone and thyroxine and triiodothyronine. Best regards

  18. High TPO 5 years ago

    Good morning,
    I would be very pleased to have an expert opinion, regarding an anomalous finding in the TPO values.
    My general practitioner suggested a general blood check mostly to understand whether or not she entered menopause (age 48, height 170 cm, weight 55 kg) and if the diet adopted can be considered correct (no meat, no dairy products, yes fish, vegetables, low carbohydrates and few fruit).
    Here are the results.
    Sg-Complete blood count_Formula = normal
    Leukocyte formula = normal
    S-Creatinine = 0.81 mg / dL (0.50 - 0.80)
    S-Sodium = 141 mmol / L (132 - 149)
    S-Potassium = 4.3 mmol / L (3.5 - 5.5)
    Electrophoretic S-Protidogram = all normal except for beta globulins 1 = 10.6 % (6.0 - 9.8)
    S-Gonadotropin LH = 18.38 mIU / mL
    S-Follitropin FSH = 27.69 mIU / mL
    S-Prolactin (PRL) = 13 ng / mL
    S-Progesterone 0.88 ng / mL
    S-17 Beta Estradiol (eE2) 105.7 pg / mL
    S-Cortisol (morning) = 17.17 mcg / dL (4.49 - 22.40)
    P-Adrenocorticotropin (ACTH) = 6.91 pg / mL (4.70 - 48.80)

    Ultrasensitive S-hTSH = 2.276 mcU / mL (0.550 - 4.780)
    S-FT3 (Free Triiodothyronine) = 2.88 pg / mL (2.30 - 4.20)
    S-FT4 (Free thyroxine) = 1.190 ng / dL (0.890 - 1.760)
    S-Anti Thyroperoxidase = 796.30 IU / mL (<60)
    S-Anti Thyroglobulin = 19.70 U / mL (<60).

    Thanks in advance for your precious medical opinion

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      Anti TPOs are high but thyroid function is normal. Always have everything checked by your doctor, he will recommend a periodic check of thyroid hormones and thyrotropin. Best regards

  19. luca 5 years ago

    hello, I am 48 years old, and I have withdrawn the analyzes, and I have seen that 2 exams are at least abtpo 1 .. norm values. 1-30 ,,, abtg 5… norm values. 5-40, while the vitamin from 27 val. norm. 30-100. other values in the norm. thanks

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      Anti TPO and anti thyroglobulin below the threshold is fine, they are normal. It is a little lacking in vitamin D, which should be supplemented. Always refer to your doctor. Best regards

  20. Silvia 5 years ago

    Hi I have withdrawn the exams tsh2.46 tpo731,9 abtg65 anti receptors tsh1,3 a nodule of, 1 cm and, 1 and 9mm I have to worry I take many kg

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      Hi, tsh is normal, if your doctor or endocrinologist has any doubts about thyroid nodules, they may recommend a needle aspiration. Always refer to the attending physician, best regards

  21. elisa marcon 5 years ago

    Hello, I am a 35 year old girl and I am doing some tests related to the thyroid. To date I have these values:

    TSH: 6.2
    FT3 FT4: negative
    ANTI-THYREOPEROXIDASE ANTIBODIES: 6335.56 (reference value: up to 9.00)
    The thyroid ultrasound shows a grainy appearance and there appears to be thyroiditis.
    Soon I have to go to the doctor but I am a little worried and I wanted to know if with these values there may be neoplasms. Thanks for your answer

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      The picture of high tsh and very high anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies seems to indicate the presence of self-contained thyroiditis in the active phase. I don't understand the reference to negative ft3 and ft4, it seems strange that a value is not reported. Always and in any case refer to your doctor. Best regards

  22. Valentina 5 years ago

    Hi, I'm 30 years old and I did thyroid tests because in a short time I gained weight while eating little. . the exams are VES 9 TSH 1,19 FT4 1,13 ANTI THYREOPEROSSIDASE 333 last qst are quite high also because the reference values bring up to 130 .. can you tell me something about it? I suffer from hashimoto thyroiditis and I take the eutirox from 100 thanks a lot I hope for your answer

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      Hi, the elevated thyroid peroxidase antibodies fall within the context of your Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Always and in any case refer to your doctor. Best regards

  23. dia 5 years ago

    good morning,
    I have a 6 year old daughter who has type 1 diabetes mellitus, we did a series of tests and today we have withdrawn the results that do not make me feel comfortable until Monday afternoon when I will hear from her doctor.
    S-thyrotropin (TSH) ** 4.98 mIU / L (0.30-4.00)
    Free S- thyroxine (FT4) 12.6 pg / mL (7.6-14.6) autoantibodies to thyroperoxidase ** 121.0 IU / mL (<29)

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      There is a self-contained component, however, in the presence of thyroid stimulating hormone and thyroid hormones in the norm. Cats will go periodic checks of thyroid function. Please always refer to the attending physician. Best regards

  24. Vincenza Sardina 5 years ago

    Hello I have just collected my exams:
    Tsh 5.82
    Ft3 4.70
    Ft4 10.1
    Thyroperoxidase ab (tpo) 259.6
    Thyroglogulin ab 17.1
    I did these tests for sudden weight gain years ago I suffered from hyperthyroidism can you tell me how the tests are going as some values are high
    I'm 40 and just had an internal miscarriage.

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      Hi, given that the units of measurement are missing in his exams, it looks like a picture of subclinical hypothyroidism with an autoimmune component as evidenced by the high anti TPO antibodies. These tests will be checked shortly to see if FT4 and FT3 fall below the threshold levels. However, please refer to your doctor and / or endocrinologist specialist. Best regards

  25. elisa 5 years ago

    I did the analysis found anti thyroperoxidase (anTPO) 1180
    thyrotropin tsh
    ft4 ft3 in the standard? a small lump emerged from the thanks, also and I often have a mild fever at 37… do I have to worry? thanks

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      Hi, you probably have an autoimmune component as evidenced by the elevated thyroid peroxidase antibodies, even though your thyroid function is normal. These exams will be checked shortly. Have your lump report evaluated by your doctor. 37 degrees is not fever. Best regards

  26. Maria 5 years ago

    Hi I would like an opinion on the values of my thyroid …… I am 33 years old… ..ft3 3.99 ft4 1.35. Tsh 1.58. Abtg <6.4. Tpo <0.8 can you give me your opinion thanks

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      Given that the units of measurement are missing, they seem to me to be normal values. Always refer to your doctor. Best regards

  27. Cristina 5 years ago

    Good evening,
    if possible I would like your opinion please,
    I did blood tests to check my thyroid
    these are the results:
    Free thyroxine Ft4 9.2 (5.80-16.40)
    FT3 3.7 (2.50-3.90)
    TSH 1.19 (0.4-4.0)
    ATG 391 (<45)
    ATPO 213 (<35)
    TRAB 1.0 (<1)
    Thanks a lot, Cristina.

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      Hi, thyroid hormones and TSH are normal, there is an increase in circulating antibodies to thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin. It is recommended to monitor the thyroid function periodically, in any case show the tests to your doctor and follow his instructions.

  28. Concetta 5 years ago

    Hi I am a girl I am 31 years old .. I suffer from thyroid in fact I take the 0.75ml eutirox I did the following tests:
    Tsh 2.34
    Ft3 2.35
    Ft4 1.14
    Anti thyroglobulin 24.58 (5-100)
    Ant peroxidase 18.56 (1-16)
    Estradiol 20
    My gynecologist prescribed these tests for me to check and then because he suspects latent diabetes .. do I have to worry?

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      No, don't worry, in any case there are no indicators of diabetes among these tests, the thyroid function in good compensation. Please refer to the gynecologist who prescribed the tests and who will be able to indicate the most appropriate procedure. Best regards

  29. Franca Gobbo 5 years ago

    I am 77 years old and as a result of tests carried out it was found that I have antibodies to thyroperoxidase at 4535, calcitonin at 2, tsh -reflex at 1.680, antibodies against thyroglobulin at 64; what do these values indicate? What do I have problems with? I would be grateful for your kind reply. With best regards

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      I would say that TSH, calcitonin (if the unit of measurement is pg / ml) and antibodies to thyroglobulin are normal. The antibodies to thyroperoxidase are altered, but this does not automatically mean that you have a thyroid disease. Always show the tests to your doctor. Best regards.

      • Franca Gobbo 5 years ago

        Thanks for your kind reply. Tomorrow I will go to the endocrinologist and hear his opinion; I hope you don't recommend a fine needle aspiration because I'm terrified of it, after having performed it for breast cancer; I had never felt such a strong pain !! How is it done for the thyroid gland?
        Kind regards and congratulations for the column that helps those who know very little about these things.

        • Testlevels 5 years ago

          Thyroid needle aspiration is a simple and painless test. Good luck and best regards

  30. Maria 5 years ago

    Tsh2670 normal values 0.35-3800
    Ft411.34 normal values 7.80-15.40
    Ft3 2.57 normal values 2.30-4.20
    Antibodies antithyrooglubiline 379 normal values 0-40
    Peroxidase antibodies> 1300 normal values 0-40
    Thyroid-stimulating Ig Rth <0.10 normal values <0.10
    How do I interpret the high values?

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      The altered values of abTPO and abTGB, even with normal thyroid function, could indicate a prodisposition to autoimmune diseases, which is why thyroid function must be checked periodically. Why did you carry out these analyzes? I recommend that you always rely on your doctor.

  31. Wire 5 years ago

    Good evening,
    I just picked up my husband's blood tests (42 years old) and these are the values:
    FT3 3.17
    FT4 1.02
    TSH 2.271
    Antibodies to Thyroglobin 143,74
    Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies 236,46
    I'm worried about the antibody values… what do you think?

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      Thyroid function is normal, modestly altered abTPO and abTGB values could indicate a predisposition to autoimmune diseases, which is why thyroid function should be checked periodically. Why did the husband carry out these analyzes? In any case, always and in any case rely on your doctor.

  32. Giusy 5 years ago

    Good evening I withdrew the tests and with surprise I read anti thyroglobulin 38.4 anti-thyroperoxidase 784.2
    Vca abs IgG 2.90 positive
    T3 Free 2.87
    T4 Free 1.06
    TSH 2.33
    I'm worried
    What does it mean ?

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      If the units of measurement are the classic ones, thyroid function is normal, with only alteration of the anti-TPO antibodies. Reason why the exams were requested?

  33. sara bandello 5 years ago

    Hi I am 28 years old and have been diabetic for 10. I took the exams yesterday and I have a value of abTPO 2850 with reference values 0-60. There is no asterisk. Do you need to worry?

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      What about thyrotropin and thyroid hormones?

  34. Linda 5 years ago

    What kind of thyroid problem might these results correspond to?

    S-fT4 15. 6. (Reference 11. 5 - 24. 5)
    Reflex S-TSH 4. 84 (Reference 0. 270 - 4. 500)
    S-Ab anti-thyroglobulin 189 (Reference 115)
    S-Ab anti-thyroperoxidase 11 (Reference 34)

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      TSH and fT4 substantially normal, minimal increase in antibodies to thyroglobulin, anti normal tpo, it seems to me a situation at the time of substantial normal thyroid function. Why were the examinations carried out?

      • Linda 5 years ago

        Thank you for your quick reply.
        My doctor prescribed the tests for me following a series of symptoms including sudden weight gain with no lifestyle changes and severe changes in the menstrual cycle. In your opinion, if the situation is normal, why might you have asked me to perform an ultrasound of the neck?

        • Testlevels 5 years ago

          I guess he prescribed it to complete the diagnostic picture. Best regards

  35. joan 5 years ago

    I just took some exams and the values are high.
    glucose 101
    total cholesterol 227
    cholesterol hdl 71
    Ab Anti thyroperoxidase (AbTPO) 543
    Ab Anti Thyroglobulin (AbTg) 62
    what should I remove from the power supply

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      Hi, I would say that they are not bad ... Blood cholesterol is just above normal levels, I would recommend containing as much as possible fatty foods and doing more exercise. As for the positive autoantibodies, the picture must be completed with the thyroid function if not already performed. However, please refer to your doctor who will give you what to do. Best regards

  36. samanta 5 years ago

    I thank you infinitely. I got worried, so excuse the ignorance but is it normal to have these ab anti-tpo antibodies?
    I wanted to know so I have no autoimmune thyroiditis?
    Last question can these antibodies decrease or increase? I was told to take the exam again in September. I'm terrified.
    I thank you again infinitely.

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      Thyroid peroxidase antibodies can be present in minimal quantities and this without correlating with autoimmune thyroid diseases. I cannot tell you for sure that they will not increase, the only way is to check them in a few months, following the instructions of the doctors who follow you. Best regards

  37. samanta 5 years ago

    Hi I am a girl I am 23 years old they told me that I have aitoimmune thyroiditis because I have colloid cysts of 3 mm on the thyroid.
    I did a blood test with the following result:
    Tsh: 2.63 (reference values 0.35-3.70)
    Ft4 17.0 (reference values 10.0-22.7)
    Ft3 5.4 (reference values 3.5-6.5)
    S-ab anti Tpo 55 (reference values 0-60)

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      I would say that thyroid function and autoimmunity are perfectly normal. Having a thyroid cyst does not mean having autoimmune thyroiditis. Do not fail to show these tests to your doctor. Best regards

  38. Vincenzo 5 years ago

    FT3 - 3.39
    FT4 - 0.79
    TSH - 2.98
    Ab Anti-Thyroglobulin 0.9
    Thyroglobulin 208.4
    Ab Anti-Treoperoxidase 308.4
    I am 24 years old, with these values the next step to take is.

    • Testlevels 5 years ago

      Have the examinations seen by the attending physician, an ultrasound of the thyroid gland and an endocrinological examination.

  39. piergiuseppe 6 years ago

    my 24 year old daughter has been suffering from diabetes mellitus since the age of 3, she has a high tpo value of 865.4 the tsh is 3.88 the ft4 is 0.94 and the anti thyroglobulin is of 27.1 you can comment on these values. thanks

    • Testlevels 6 years ago

      Thyroid function seems normal, anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies are high, probably there is a predisposition to autoimmunity also due to the presence of diabetes, tsh and thyroid hormones will need to be checked over time. In any case, always rely on the attending physician who follows you

  40. Philip 6 years ago

    Good morning. I have a 14 year old daughter. We have seen slow growth and development. It is 1.45 meters high. and weighs 44 Kg. and has already "formed".
    We have carried out some analyzes and the results, outside the norm, are:
    AAT 246.8 (Reference value 0.0 - 4.1)
    ATPO 320.6 (Reference value 0.0 - 5.6)
    IGF1 627.3 (I don't understand the values of Ref.)
    At the moment he is under control at the Catania hospital in the Endocrinology department.
    Can I have your opinion? Thanks

    • Testlevels 6 years ago

      To answer her appropriately, it would be necessary to have the complete picture, in any case the girl denotes a predisposition to autoimmune, the endocrinologist department I think is the best place to clarify. Best regards

  41. ENKELEDA HOXHAJ 6 years ago

    Hi I have very high values, cholesterol at 146 ... FT3 at 3.28..the FT4 0.89..the AD ANTI TIREOGLOUBIN at 174 ... to be negative it must be below 40 instead the AD ANTI PEROXIDASE TIREOIDEA A 1102..for being negative must be under 35. should i worry?

    • Testlevels 6 years ago

      And the tsh?

    • Testlevels 6 years ago

      Anti TPO high, thyroid function is incomplete, TSH is missing.

  42. Adalcisa fish 6 years ago

    Hi I have the values that seem high to me .. cholesterol at 265..the Thyroglobulin at 11 ... TPO antibodies at 263..I have to worry..since I suffer from restless legs syndrome..and I had 2 meningioma operations to the orbital frontal brain ... thanks ... anyway I have to pay a visit to the enicrinologist shortly .. but in the meantime I wanted to know about these tests ... greetings ..

    • Testlevels 6 years ago

      Undoubtedly, cholesterol is high, and requires action in terms of physical activity and nutrition. Anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies are high, but without the data of TSH, thyroxine and triiodothionine (T4 and T3), it is difficult to frame everything. Consult with the endocrinologist who will be able to indicate the most correct procedure. Sincerely

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