Anti-Sm or anti-Smith antibodies

The antibodies to Sm, or the anti-Smith antibodies they are autoantibodies, ie antibodies that instead of targeting antigens external to our organism, are directed towards our own organism.

The anti-Sm they are part of the large family of antibodies extractable anti nuclear antigens (extractable nuclear antigen, or more simply ENA), and are directed towards extractable nuclear antigens associated with numerous autoimmune diseases, including especially systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), where they are present in about one third of cases, but also Sjögren's syndrome (sicca syndrome, characterized by poor lacrimation and salivation) and scleroderma, where they are present in a low percentage of patients (less than 5% of cases).

In particular, in the LES, are second level antibodies, which are usually determined together with antibodies to native DNA (and in particular to anti ds-DNA) in patients with strong suspicion of lupus autoimmune disease and positive anti-nucleus antibodies (ANA).



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